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How would you like to bend a coin so clean and direct that it's undeniable? Look no further. This is it! Throw away your Sharpies, because with a coin bend this clean, there's no need for validation. No need for expensive gimmicks and it's affordable. Imagine... you borrow a coin from a spectator and wrap your hand around the coin. As soon as you close your hand, you open your fingers one by one to reveal a bent coin. It's that good! You're going to love Cleanest Coin Bend 2.0. Get your copy today.

"The cleanest bending mind bender I have seen. Great for close-up magic in the streets, restaurants, anywhere. Don't miss out on the Steven X Cleanest Coin Bend."
- Bob Jones

"Awesome! Very strong effect!"
- Roco Diaz

"The bend is over so fast it will bend their minds. Leaving you open for some amazing presentation."
- Michael Night

- Xeon Steel

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steven x




Steven X Productions LLC

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4 – FullDVD






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