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This routine is a real time Lottery Prediction effect. It is something Scott has been using for years.

The props are simple to make and easy to use. The prediction can be made real time on stage, close up or can be sent to somebody in advance. But it is more than that, because this is not just one effect but is instead a full three phase routine that runs for 15 - 20 minutes, involves multiple members of the audience and climaxes with a lottery style prediction.

It can be played big or small in front of a stage audience, close up at a table or even one on one, best of all it can be performed from your pockets.

The ebook consists of 21 pages of photographs and instructions and includes Scott complete patter for the routine, plus a number of variations.

Pages: 21 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT

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Creasey, Scott


Scott Creasey

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